The psychological labyrinth of a young woman’s insidious connection to the sea, from the Edgar Award nominated author of Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone.

Callie Morgan has long lived choked by the failure of her own lungs, the result of an elusive pulmonary illness that has plagued her since childhood. A childhood marked early by the drowning death of her mother—a death to which Callie was the sole witness. Her father has moved them inland, away from the memories of the California coast her mother loved so much and toward promises of recovery—and the escape of denial—in arid, landlocked air.
But after years of running away, the promise of a life-changing job for her father brings Callie and him back to the coast, to Florida, where Callie’s symptoms miraculously disappear. For once, life seems delightfully normal. But the ocean’s edge offers more than healing air … it holds a magnetic pull, drawing Callie closer and closer to the chilly, watery embrace that claimed her mother. Returned to the ocean, Callie comes of age and comes into a family destiny that holds generations of secrets and very few happy endings.


“Rosenfield’s paragraphs are so suffused with the pull of the tide that it becomes a full-body throb, drawing Callie (and the reader) down, down, down to exactly where you think she’s heading: the deep. The delicious confusion between fantasy and madness finds perfect expression in Rosenfield’s hypnotic prose and upside-down chapter construction; which direction is up is never clear. Combine Margo Lanagan’s The Brides of Rollrock Island (2012) with Hannah Moskowitz’s Teeth (2013), chum it with the remains of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let Me In (2007), and you’ll get something close to this sinister, salt-water sonata.” — Bookpage, starred review

“This often eerie novel that toes the line of fantasy is a delight. Readers won’t be sure just what it is that has consumed Callie—her own madness, or perhaps, something altogether inhuman—but they’ll keep turning pages in hopes of finding out. For fans of E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars.” —Library Journal

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Becca has always longed to break free. Free from her backwater hometown. Free from its small-town gossip and dead-end lives.

But the horrifying discovery of a dead body—an outsider, Amelia Anne, battered and broken—on the morning after graduation sends Becca into an unexpected tailspin. As the violence of the real world creeps close to home, Becca retreats, paralyzed from moving forward for the first time in her life.

The details of Amelia Anne’s final, harrowing moments play out against Becca’s own out-of-control summer as Becca and Amelia’s parallel stories twist the reader closer and closer to the horrifying truths of Amelia’s last days.

This emotionally arresting, sexy, and raw debut tells the vivid story of two young women struggling with self-identity and relationships on the edge.


“This layered and exquisitely written story explores the fallout from the murder as well as the dark side of love. Actions have real consequences in Rosenfield’s novel, and her suffocating smalltown setting is powerfully and chillingly evoked.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A perceptive, contrapuntal character study with a light thriller flavor—utterly compelling.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“The violence in this book is brutal and intimate, but never voyeuristic—don’t be surprised if you physically recoil yet can’t stop reading… Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone blends elegant writing and brutal behavior into a sharp and haunting novel.” — Bookpage

Find AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.


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  4. Samantha Lewis says:

    I absolutely loved your book! It had me captured from page one! Amazing work (:

  5. Annika Hanson says:

    Your book is amazing. I love the writting, it is so discriptive.

  6. […] was late to work today because I was so engrossed in Kat Rosenfield’s AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE. I finished the last few pages in the public library parking lot. Seriously […]

  7. anonymous says:

    Long time Pink India Ink reader here (I miss it!). I just finished reading Amelia Anne, and although it lacked the much-loved PII dick stories, it was still … great! Your ability to go from one style to another really highlights your versatility as a writer. It was a very layered book, and you really dealt with the complexity of platonic and loving relationships quite nicely. I was surprised to see that you even touched on domestic violence.

    It was a very fluid read, descriptions evoked images very naturally.

    I think books (YA and adult) are very influential and formative for teens. They’re at a stage where their minds are primed for learning and they are developing adult awareness and questions and reflections. You’re very privileged to be part of that developmental process by virtue of writing YA.

    Great work. Best of luck with the new one (but moar dick jokes, plz)

  8. […] from author website: Becca has always longed to break free. Free from her backwater hometown. Free from its small-town […]

  9. […] from author website: Becca has always longed to break free. Free from her backwater hometown. Free from its small-town […]

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  11. amelia anne says:

    hi, i really loved your book. it was just such a great story and i love mysteries. i was wondering where you got the inspiration for amelia’s name though, because my name is also amelia anne. as you can imagine i nearly died in the library when i first found it. i was just curious because you must have spent so long searching for such a perfect name. lol.

  12. […] copies. Those who know Kat Rosenfield AND those who want to know more, link to her webpage here: Add INLAND and AMELIA ANN IS DEAD AND GONE to your GOODREADS shelf. Register online for all 2014 […]

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