All about INLAND

Because I sort of forgot that I had a website (whoops! hello! is anyone here?), this news is coming about a week after its initial debut all over Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram. But nevertheless: Yes! There is a new book on the horizon. It is called…


And as of last week, all the exciting pre-release things that happen before a book is a book started happening.

It has a COVER.



After nine years spent suffocating in the arid expanses of the Midwest, far from the sea where her mother drowned, Callie Morgan and her estranged father are returning to the coast. And miraculously, Callie can finally breathe easily. No more sudden, clawing attacks and week-long hospital stays. No more wary, pitying glances from classmates and teachers. She can be more than a sickly freak, coughing her way between nondescript inland towns every year.

But something waits for Callie in the water. Just as her life begins to feel like her own, with an almost-family and a first love and a circle of loud-mouthed friends, her body starts to rebel in new ways. She finds herself fighting the intoxicating pull of the black waters right outside her window. Her dreams turn wild and real, and she wakes up with salt water in her hair. Family secrets and whispering doubts flood her brain as she leads herself and those around her into danger, jeopardizing everything she once longed for. Is it madness, or is there a voice, beckoning her to come to the sea’s deepest heart; to come home?



Thank you, Jabba the Hutt.

I’ll be doing an ARC giveaway as soon as I have one to give… um, away. In the meantime, you can add the book on Goodreads, or even pre-order it on Amazon. And if you want a peek at what’s in store, Entertainment Weekly’s website — which revealed the cover last week — has an exclusive excerpt of the very first chapter that you can sink your little literary teeth into.

Also, if you’re not following me on Tumblr, I post things over there a lot more than I do over here. Come on over.


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