A few good reviews from the Land of Blog

It’s been an exciting July so far for AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE, as we rounded the first week of the blog tour and reviews from the rabid readers of the internet started rolling in. What are people saying about the book? Here’s a little handful of buzz from the blogosphere:

  • Leila Roy at Kirkus Reviews urged readers to get their hands on AMELIA ANNE, saying, “[Kat] makes every single action, interaction, sometimes even the briefest of moments…feel like a turning point. There’s a constant sense of dread, inevitability and change.”
  • Lauren at 365 Days of Reading wrote, “Its rich prose will reel you in, but the story—and its effect on Rebecca—will keep you reading.”
  • Kristi at The Story Siren said, “[AMELIA ANNE] is a contemporary novel that’s more on the gritty side. Gritty, yet incredibly beautiful.”
  • There’s a lovely review from A Beautiful Madness (sample quote: “The descriptions are simply vivid and bring easily to life the world and characters Kat Rosenfield has created.”)
  • And Brittany at A Reading Nook had a thrilling experience with AMELIA: “Each chapter makes you a bit more feverish; you creep to the edge of your seat inch by inch. This made it so that there was never a great place to stop… it felt like the next page would tell you all the book’s secrets.”

Did you see something lovely about AMELIA on the internet? Do tell.


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