John Green said my name (and other observations from a literary birthday)

My book, AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE, was officially published today. Almost immediately, two things happened:

First, I calmly and maturely told myself to relax, and calm down, and c’mon now, the fact that the book was now in stores didn’t mean that today would be more exciting, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy than any other. Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford were not going to show up at my door and ask to give me a makeover. Paparazzi were not going to mob me when I went out to buy toilet paper. And of course, John Green — a.k.a. the Ryan Gosling of the YA literary world — was not going to post about my book on Tumblr and singlehandedly create a maelstrom of book birthday publicity beyond that of my wildest dreams.

And second, John Green posted about my book on Tumblr and OH MY GAAAAAAAHD.

Which means that not only did my Tumblr/Twitter streams explode in a mad flurry of follows and reblog’n’tweets, but also that I spent most of the day running in circles around my apartment, stopping only for the occasional hip thrust. I was so excited, I actually forgot to eat. If you have ever met me in real life, you know how serious this is.

So, hi there, newcomers. I’m Kat Rosenfield, a.k.a. Auntie SparkNotes, a.k.a. that girl whose giant face just popped up on your dashboard (seriously, I don’t know why, my face is NOT THAT HUGE), and I wrote a book that is now available for purchase on the internet, and also in stores. I still don’t know just how much long-term blogging I’ll be doing on this site — because I’m not sure anyone is actually reading (Anyone? Bueller?), because I’m a full-time freelance writer and don’t have a whole lot of extra energy for banging out extra work, and because I’m a crotchety old hag who’s ever-so-slightly protective of her private life — but I promise to do my best… if you promise to stay off my lawn.

I see you out there.



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